The Mission of the JCBD

Through economic business development for property owners and merchants, beautification of public spaces for all to enjoy and a safe livable environment –Japantown will thrive as a culturally rich, authentic, and economically vibrant neighborhood which will continue to serve as the cultural heart of the Japanese and Japanese American communities for generations to come.        

Welcome to JapantownSF!

JapantownSF SafeCity Program completes first phase of mobilization!

We are excited to report that the cameras at the Hotel Kabuki and 1700 Post Street are online! SFPD has already reached out to the JCBD for video retrieval from 4 crimes that were committed during the holidays.

The 2nd phase will include the Buchanan Hotel and AMC Kabuki Theater. The video control center is being set-up at the JCBD office. In the coming months we will be reaching out to other key property owners to get their approvals so that we can complete the JapantownSF SafeCity Camera Program before the 52nd Annual Cherry Blossom Festival.


Japantown Community Ambassadors

Have you met our Japantown Community Benefit District (JCBD) Community Ambassadors? Our contract with Block by Block began April 4th, and since then our Community Ambassadors have been delivering outstanding cleaning, safety, and hospitality services for the District.
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One of the 3 Remaining Japantowns

San Francisco's Japantown was the first Japanese American community to settle and establish itself in the United States. The Japantown community is ever changing and the neighborhood has continued to evolve. As one the last 3 remaining Japantowns in the United States, the JCBD is working with key community organizations and groups to ensure the future viability of the greater Japantown neighborhood.