Bigbelly Trash Cans

In December of 2018, the Japantown Community Benefit District was awarded a grant through the Office of Economic Workforce Development to participate in the Bigbelly Trash Receptacle Pilot Program.

Through this pilot program, Japantown will receive four (4) Bigbelly trash receptacles that will be placed at key locations, chosen due to their high trash volume and based on City trash can data collected by the Mayor’s Fix-It Team.

• Prevents individuals from rummaging through the trash in front of business or property.

• CLEAN™ system access to view receptacle operations by JCBD.

• Convenient cigarette receptacle to curb cigatette butt trash.

• Installing the Bigbelly trash receptacle reduces sidewalk trash from the surrounding area.

• No leaks coming from the bottom of the receptacles.

• No visible trash piling up at the bottom of the receptacles.

This first, proven, and leading solar-powered waste compactor delivers a 150 gallons of capacity, up to 10X a traditional waste bin. Total containment ensures that trash is kept in and pests stay out for cleaner spaces. 

Bigbelly's suite of smart waste bins all communicate their real-time status and notify crews when they are ready to be collected. Having enough capacity and knowing when to collect streamlines waste management operations, increases productivity, and keeps public areas clean and green.